Stick for Tucking and Scraping Urethane (& More!)

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This versatile spudger-type stick is a time-tested essential in every auto glass or detailing shop. Known as a “bone stick” or just “bones” in industry jargon, this trusty tool excels at molding adjustments and effortless urethane removal.

One tool – many uses:

  • Urethane Manipulation: Achieve expert-level precision when tucking or removing urethane, ensuring a secure and seamless fit for your windshield replacements.
  • Pinchweld Scraping: Easily remove old urethane from pinchwelds, ensuring a clean and ready-to-seal surface ready for a new windshield, facilitating a secure and durable seal.
  • Door Panel Removal: Simplify the removal of door panels, making any detailing or replacement project a breeze.
  • Gasket Installation: Attain flawless gasket installations, guaranteeing a watertight and secure seal every time.
  • Molding Removal: Easily remove moldings, leaving your vehicle’s exterior looking sharp and primed for enhancements.
  • Cowling Lifting: Lift cowlings with confidence, whether for maintenance or customization purposes.
  • Headliner Tucking: Achieve tidy headliner tucking, ensuring a clean and professional finish.

Now that’s one versatile “bone”!

Sold individually
Made in Taiwan


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