Single Shot Crack Fill Resin

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Multipurpose, medium-viscosity resin for star breaks, combination breaks & more. Our bestseller!

Now double the resin per tube!

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  • spec sheet pdf

    Spec Sheet

    AEGIS® Crack Fill Resin is a medium viscosity formula (40 cps) specifically for star breaks, combination breaks and tough cracks

  • Each Single Shot tube contains 1 mL of resin, typically enough for 2 average repairs
  • Each UV-resistant package of Single Shots contains 10, 15 or 25 tubes
  • Crack Fill is also available in 4mL bottles, LIQ2015

Which resin should you buy?:

  Glass Break Types Crack Fill Extreme II Pit Filler
Bull’s Eye Break For smoothing out any remaining surface pits after using Crack Fill or Extreme II resins.
Star Break ✓*
Combination Break ✓*
Short Crack <6″ [>15 cm]
Long Crack >6″ [>15 cm]

*Suitable for cooler temperatures.

All AEGIS Resins:

  • Specially formulated for the professional glass repair technician
  • Laboratory and field tested
  • Proven to yield strong, durable, top-quality results in any climate
  • Different resin types specially formulated for different types of breaks, cracks and temperatures
  • Require a Mylar square for curing (HDW3000)
  • Are non-yellowing and cure optically clear
  • Easy clean up with any 99+% alcohol-based glass cleaner
  • Made in USA

AEGIS Single Shots:

  • Each contains 1 mL of resin, typically enough for 2 average repairs
  • Each contains 2 blunt-tip needles for dispensing
  • Easy to use, recappable and disposable
  • Makes resin inventory easy; no more guessing how much is left in the bottle
  • Eliminate the potential for contaminated resin – no more wasted resin, no more wasted time and money

Looking for a thinner resin? Try Extreme II Single Shots LIQ2080

Safety Data Sheet

2 reviews for Single Shot Crack Fill Resin

  1. Safe ghiasi

    I have been using this for almost 10 years it was absolutely perfect

  2. Safe ghiasi

    It is absolutely perfect

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