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Equalizer Hood Stop

SKU: TLS5065

Equalizer Part No: RL1382



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Previously when a vehicle did not have stops, it was difficult for one person to set the windshield because he did not have anything to set it on. But now, with the HoodStop™, you just put the hood all the way down, dry-set the windshield, set the stop on the windshield in the proper position, and engage the vacuum. When you set the windshield, the HoodStop™ will stop the windshield in the correct place. A non-marring piece of felt attached to the bottom of the HoodStop™ prevents damage to the hood. You can then use tape or a set of our TopSTOPs™ (LJ1260) to hold the windshield in place while the urethane is curing. Invented by: Dave Griesmer


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