Equalizer HoodStop™ – Windshield Replacement Brace

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Equalizer Part No: RL1382

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Previously, setting a windshield on a vehicle without stops was a challenging task for one person since they had nothing to rest it on. Fortunately, the HoodStop™ makes the process effortless. Simply lower the hood all the way down, dry-set the windshield, position the stop on the windshield correctly, and pump to attach the suction cup. The HoodStop™ will then securely hold the windshield in place at the correct position. Additionally, a non-marring felt piece attached to the HoodStop™ protects the hood from damage. You can secure the windshield further by using tape or a set of our TopSTOPs™ (LJ1260) while the urethane cures.


  • Facilitates one-person installation of vehicle windshields
  • Securely holds windshield in place at the correct position
  • Non-marring felt piece protects hood from damage
  • Compatible with tape to further secure windshields


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