AEGIS QuickSilver Technology™ Device

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  • The heart of our QuickSilver Technology System.
  • Patented windshield repair device delivers the fastest and best repairs of any system available.
  • This is the original dry vacuum technology that others have tried to copy.
  • The QuickSilver device holds resin away from the break to allow for a dry vacuum, and creates the secondary vacuum and pressure for filling the break quickly and completely.
  • Consists of the outer chamber, injection chamber, piston, locking ring, hose connector plug and one insert seal.
  • The device works with the QuickSilver Repair Fixture (FIX4500), the ANNIHILATOR Repair Fixture (FIX1000) and AEGIS fixtures that have been updated with the QuickSilver Fixture Update (FIX4000U).
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty against defects.


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