UV-Blocking Bubble Dome for Windshield Repairs

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Make outdoor repairs, even in direct sunlight!

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Our UV Shield comes in a unique, dome shape that doesn’t drape over the repair or get in the way like other sheet-style screens. The clear material does not impede visibility, and it quickly attaches to the windshield, preventing premature resin curing.
With the UV Shield, technicians can now make outdoor repairs even in direct sunlight. It also keeps the rain and snow off, guaranteeing ideal results and uninterrupted repairs.


  • Unique domed shape doesn’t interfere with repair jobs
  • Clear material for unobstructed visibility
  • Quick & secure attachment to windshield w/ 5 suction cups
  • Prevents premature resin curing
  • All-weather rain and snow protection


How to Make Repairs in Daylight

  1. Seek out shade.
    Whenever possible, seek out shade for your vehicle. Consider asking your customer to park indoors, under a tent, or any shaded area before you arrive. This ensures that the glass stays cool, saving you both time and energy.
  2. Ventilate vehicle.
    If shade is not available, roll down the side windows or open the car doors to allow any built-up heat to dissipate.
  3. Block UV rays.
    Here’s a valuable tip: Shield the damaged area with our HDW5517 Bubble Dome for added sun protection. This UV barrier prevents premature curing of your repair.
  4. Clean equipment promptly.
    The sun can also cure the resin left over on your injector and equipment. Properly clean your supplies following the manufacturer’s guidelines right away to maintain optimal functionality.


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