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Equalizer Powered Cold Knife Blades

SKU: PWR5122/PWR5123/PWR5126/PWR5141/PWR5142/PWR5148

Equalizer Part Nos. 51841, 51843, 51842, 51847, 51848, 51849

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Equalizer powered cold knife blades are made from high-quality, flexible stainless steel that will flex before they break! The flat side of the blade rides smoothly against the glass to reduce resistance.  Reverse grind is ideal for removing back glasses and instances where close cutting is necessary. These oscillating blades fit Equalizer Falcon™, Raven™ and TimeSaver™ tools, and most other oscillating tools.  They DO NOT fit the Ninja™ tools.  Available in 3/4″, 1″, and 1-1/2″ standard and reverse ground blades.

Equalizer Powered Cold Knife Blades Feature

  • High-quality, flexible stainless steel oscillating blades flex before they break.
  • Flat on one side to ride against the glass and cut with the least resistance.
  • Fit the Equalizer Falcon™, Raven™ and TimeSaver™ tools, and most other oscillating tools.
  • DO NOT FIT the Equalizer Ninja™ tools.
  • Hardened carbon steel.
  • Choose 3/4″, 1″ or 1-1/2″ blades.
  • Reverse edge blades are useful on back glasses and close-cutting.
  • Made in the USA.

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AEGIS:Equalizer Part Numbers LENGTH EDGE

  • PWR5141 : 51847  3/4″ STANDARD
  • PWR5122 : 51841 3/4″ REVERSE
  • PWR5142 : 51848 1″ STANDARD
  • PWR5126 : 51842 1″ REVERSE
  • PWR5148 : 51849 1-1/2″ STANDARD
  • PWR5123 : 51843 1-1/2″ REVERSE



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