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Equalizer® Bullet™ Blades

SKU: PWR2030/PWR2031/PWR2032/PWR2033


Equalizer Part Nos. REL261/REB262/REL263/REE264

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Equalizer Bullet™ Blades are elongated, rounded blades designed to cut from all angles.  Their unique shape and sharpening make side-to-side cutting easier and make slicing through wide beads of urethane a breeze.

For optimal auto glass removal pair Bullet™ Blades with:


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POWER CUT OUT TOOLS Safety and Performance Tips

Misuse can lead to personal injury, tool and/or vehicle damage. 

  • SHARPEN: Keep blades sharp. NEVER use dull blades! Sharpen only the tapered side of the blade.
  • LUBRICATE: Always lubricate the blade and glass surface by spraying on liberal amounts of plain tap water.  Lubricate the sheath with high-heat grease.
  • PROPER USE:  The FLAT side of the blade should ALWAYS be against the glass.  Start the tool before penetrating the adhesive.
  • LEARN: Read instructions and watch the DVD!

Choose the right blade for the job (W” x L”)

  • Narrow Width (1-1/2″) for removing and saving glass that is not broken.  Narrow width is more flexible and puts less stress on the glass.
  • Standard Width (3″) for slicing through wide bands of urethane, plunge cutting or angle cutting when the glass is already broken.
  • Standard Length (10″) for most vehicles.
  • Extra Length (12″ and 14″) for extra reach where the urethane is far below the dash and/or there is a limited amount of vertical space.


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