Equalizer All-In-One Mirror Tool

SKU: TLS1562

Equalizer Part No. MT228



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Equalizer’s All-In-One Mirror Tool is SIX tools in one! One tool works on a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles. The MT228 features #2 Phillips, T15, & T20 drivers as well as hook and pick devices that are perfect for loosening, prying, aligning, and unfastening tabs and snaps. Additionally, the All-In-One Mirror Tool includes a spring-latch mirror device for removing mirrors on Ford vehicles built after 2004.

The Equalizer All-In-One Tool features:

  • Six tools in one!
  • #2 Phillips
  • T15 driver
  • T20 driver
  • Hook tool
  • Pick tool
  • Spring latch mirror device (removes mirrors on Fords built after 2004)



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