Delta Kit Windshield Repair Systems

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The Delta Repair Kit systems feature a popular piston-style, or “hydraulic” applicator. This eliminates the need for any pumping or hoses. We offer an entry level “Mini” repair kit that contains supplies for up to 50 repairs, and an advanced “Pro Plus” version with premium components and enough supplies for up to 100 repairs.

You can compare and contrast the two versions below:

Delta Part Number: 36800H
Model: EZ-200S
Delta Part Number: 36160H
Model: EZ-350S
Price $500.00 $925.00
Bridge B150-S (single adjustment screw) B250 (two adjustment screws)
UV Lamp Ignite (6V) Elite Plus (12V)
Fill Resin Premium Bond 20 Premium Bond 20 (2x)
Pit Resin Premium Bond 3000 Premium Bond 3000
Polish 1x 1x
Injector End Seals 5x 10x
Carbide Burs 5x 10x
Curing Tabs 100x 100x
Mini Rotary Tool 3.6V 3.6V
Mirror Acrylic Glass w/ 3X Magnification
Scribe Double End Spring Hammer
Razor Blades 100x 100x
Digital Instructions Yes Yes
Tool Organizer Tool Belt Toolbox
Cleaning Jar 1x
Centering Tool 1x
Nylon Stick 1x
Curing Tape 1x
Chip Cleaner Dust Blower
Steel Wool 1x
Chip Savers 100x
Pin 1x
Safety Glasses 1x


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