AEGIS QUIK KIT™ Windshield Repair Kit

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Our Quick Kit is a simple and reliable option for repairing windshield chips. With its flip-attach suction cup and an adjustment screw that can handle most windshield curvatures, it’s the perfect choice for those who want an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution.

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AEGIS QUIK KIT Windshield Repair Kit 

  • Our most affordable windshield repair kit
  • Pays for itself before the resins are used up!
  • Dependable, high-quality equipment
  • Simple repair fixture works best on flat areas of the glass
  • Works in 30 minutes start-to-finish
  • One-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Quick repair fixture
Small chamber (3/16″)
Dual pressure/vacuum pump with gauge
UV curing lamp Standard, cordless High-powered, corded High-powered, cordless
Connector hose
1 suction cup mirror
Supplies, including Mylar squares (100), razor blades and seals
1 Bag of Extreme II Single Shot Resin (25+ Repairs/Bag)
1 Bag of Crack Filler Single Shot Resin (25+ Repairs/Bag)
Pit Filler Resin
Pit Polish
Break Cleaning Brush
Carbide Probe
Carrying Case
Large Pit Adapter for larger breaks
Vertical Repair Adapter for vertical windshields (like those on buses, RVs and semis)
Miniature Drill (for repairing the ends of cracks and allowing resin to penetrate difficult pits)
10 Carbide Bur Bits


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