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AEGIS Crack Filler Resin

SKU: LIQ2015

AEGIS Crack Filler Resin:

  • Medium viscosity formula (40 cps)
  • Engineered for star breaks, combination breaks and tough cracks
  • Ideal all weather repair resin
  • Available in 4mL bottles and Single Shots LIQ2070
  • Requires mylar squares or strip for curing (HDW3000 & HDW3010)
  • Made in USA


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AEGIS Crack Filler Resin is a medium viscosity formula (40 cps) engineered specifically for star breaks, combination breaks and tough cracks.  Each 4 mL bottle contains enough resin for approximately 25 repairs.  Unopened bottles have a 2 year shelf life.  Also available as Single Shots LIQ2070.

All AEGIS Resins:

  • Specially formulated for the professional glass repair technician
  • Laboratory and field tested
  • Proven to yield strong, durable, top-quality results in any climate
  • Different resin types specially formulated for different types of breaks, cracks and temperatures
  • Require a mylar square or strip for curing (HDW3000 & HDW3010)
  • Are non-yellowing and cure optically clear
  • Easy clean up with any alcohol based glass cleaner
  • Made in the USA


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