AEGIS Quad Rings 5pk

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AEGIS Quad Rings ensure a proper seal between the repair chamber and the windshield. High-quality, chemical-resistant material has 4 sealing surfaces provide a better seal than an o-ring.  Available in 2 sizes: Small 3/16″ and Standard 3/8″. Measurements are taken from the inside dimensions.

AEGIS Quad Rings Feature:

  • 4 sealing surfaces provide a better seal than an o-ring.
  • High-quality, chemical-resistant material.
  • Can be cleaned and reused. Just rinse in glass cleaner in the palm of your hand to remove any resin residue.
  • Store in plastic bag to retain flexibility.
  • 3/16″ Quad Ring (3/16″ inside dimension, 3/8″ outside dimension) fits the Small Pro-Series Chamber (FIX2006), Small Vertical Chamber (FIX2006), QUIK Kit Chamber (FIX2044) and the QUIK Kit Vertical Repair Adapter (FIX2048).
  • 3/8″ Quad Ring (3/8″ inside dimension, 5/8″ outside dimension) fits the Standard Pro-Series Chamber (FIX2005), Large Vertical Chamber (FIX2017) and the QUIK Kit Large Pit Adapter (FIX2045)
  • Does not fit the AEGIS QuickSilver Windshield Repair line.
  • Made in Mexico.

Looking for insert seals for the QuickSilver or GlassPro Devices? Find them here: QuickSilver Insert Seals SBX2017 or QuickSilver LARGE PIT Insert Seals 5pk SBX2022



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