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UltraWiz Reverse Bend Paint Protection Blades

SKU: TLS1280/TLS1281/TLS1282

UltraWiz Reverse Paint Protection Blades Features

  • Designed to prevent paint damage on exposed edge glass and open pinchwelds.
  • Offers control when cutting away from the glass or molding.
  • Special durable, resilient nylon coating on the back of the blade where it is needed.
  • UltraThin blade is stronger and 40% thinner than Original UltraWiz blades.
  • Available in 3/4″, 1″ and 1-1/2″ lengths.
  • Check coating often and replace the blade when it wears thin.
  • Pack of 5
  • Made in the USA.

UltraWiz Part Nos: 52C1M, 52C2M, 52C4M

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The innovative Reverse Bend Paint Protection Blades is an UltraThin blade which is bent in the reverse direction of a regular cold knife blade. This allows technicians to cut down and away from the glass, rather than up, towards the glass. The reverse bend cuts without digging into, or damaging encapsulated glass or underside moulding. Now, with the added insurance of the Nylon coating on our Coated Reverse Bend Blades, scratching is no longer a concern when used.

UltraWiz Reverse Paint Protection Blades Use Recommendations

  • 3/4″ Standard Blade to precut urethane and for narrow urethane beads.
  • 1″ Long Blade for cutting the majority of urethane beads – the most popular cut length.
  • 1-1/4″ Extended Blade & 1-1/2″ XL Blade for cutting wide urethane beads; works best when pre-cut with a shorter blade.
  • Check coating often and replace blade when it wears thin.


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Windshield removal tools selected by the majority of technicians in the industry today. – A.N. Designs, Inc., manufacturer of UltraWiz Tools.


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