UltraWiz Original Cold Knife Blades

SKU: TLS1220/TLS1221/TLS1222/TLS1223/TLS1230

UltraWiz Part Numbers: 1000M, 1001M, 1002M, 1003M, 1004M

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AEGIS Number UltraWiz Part Number Description Length Recommended Use
TLS1220 1000-M Starter Blade 3/8″ For pre-cutting urethane.
TLS1221 1001-M Standard Blade 3/4″ For pre-cutting and narrow urethane beads.
TLS1222 1002-M Long Blade 1″ For most urethane beads – most popular size.
TLS1230 1003-M Extended Long Blade 1-1/4″ For wide urethane beads, works best when pre-cut with Standard blade.
TLS1223 1004-M XL Blade 1-1/2″ For extra-wide, difficult urethane beads.


  • UltraWiz Original Cold Knife Blades are the industry favorite!
  • Made from high-quality, coined steel.
  • Available in 5 sizes to meet your glass and glazing removal needs.
  • All are sold in a 10 pack.
  • Made in the USA since 1986.

The 1000 Series Cold Knife Blade was introduced in 1986 as the Windshield Wizard Blade. In 1993 the name was changed to the familiar registered trademark UltraWiz. Known for being reliable, sharp and tough, UltraWiz became the most popular cold knife blade in the auto glass replacement industry.

UltraWiz  – The Tools Pro’s Use.
The blades that permanently changed the industry. 
Windshield removal tools selected by the majority of technicians in the industry today. – A.N. Designs, Inc., manufacturer of UltraWiz Tools.


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