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PipeKnife® Power Advance Cold Knife

SKU: TLS1180

PipeKnife Part No. PACK




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The Power Advance Cold Knife (PACK) is a must for every AGR tech!

Interlocking Y- and T-handle design eliminates the twisting of the traditional cold knife’s barrel and provides maximum pitch control of the blade. Technicians can easily pull or push the knife with one hand and extending their cutting reach over 14”.  The PACK also features the most straightforward quick-change feature of any product on the market.  A quick 1/4 turn of the handle releases the blade in seconds and can easily be repositioned to cut at any depth.  The unique blade retaining method also makes the PACK compatible with most types of blades – standard, utility, and specialty.

The PACK Features:

  • Unique handle design eliminates the traditional twisting of the cold knife’s barrel and provides maximum pitch control of the blade
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Simplest quick-change feature on the market
  • Fully adjustable blade length
  • Blade holder chamber
  • Compatible with a variety of blades (standard, utility and specialty blades)

The PACK Includes:

  • Power Advance Cold Knife
  • One 1″ blade

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