PipeKnife Angled Long Knife Blades

SKU: TLS2599/TLS2600

PipeKnife Angled Long Knife Blades

  • Long, flexible, thin blade will cut through any urethane.
  • Serrated blade for those who use sawing motion for cutting urethane.
  • Made of carbon steel.
  • Fit Long Knives: TLS1214, TLS1215, TLS1216.
  • PipeKnife Part Nos. RKB471 & RKB472
  • Made in the USA.
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PipeKnife Angled Long Knife Blades RKB471 and RKB472 are made from high carbon steel so they will last longer, cut faster, and work in tight spots better than average utility blades. Both blades are Heavy Duty and extra-thick for tough jobs and can reach into deep cracks and crevices. The Serrated Long Knife Blade is for extreme needs and can also be used as a saw blade. Both PipeKnife Angled Long Knife Blades can be resharpened and used for many applications.


  • TLS2599 | RKB472
  • TLS2600 | RKB471


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