Equalizer Squire Wire

SKU: TLS5056

Equalizer Squire Wire:

  • Square shape has better cutting ability than traditional round or braided wire.
  • As pressure increases, the wire twists and begins cutting with the sharper V-corner of the wire.
  • Made of high tensile strength stainless steel.
  • 72′ in length.
  • Equalizer Part No: SSW508


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Equalizer Squire Wire is square-shaped wire with a sharp edge to cut the toughest urethane. When the wire is pulled, the pressure is put on the flat side of the wire but as pressure increases Squire Wire takes the path of least resistance, twisting and cutting through the urethane with the sharper edges of the wire.

The flat side of Squire Wire is .25 mm and the diagonal measure is approximately .35 mm.

Equalizer Squire Wire comes in 72′ length rolls.


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