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Equalizer® ORIGINAL Squire™ Wire

SKU: TLS5056/TLS5038

Equalizer Part no. SSW508/SWL165

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Square shaped wire with a sharp edge to cut the toughest urethane. Here’s how Squire™ works: Pressure is put on the flat side of the wire as the Squire™ wire is initially pulled through the urethane.  Then as the wire removal process continues,  pressure increases against the wire and Squire™ twists to takes the path of least resistance.  By twisting, Squire™ starts to cut through the urethane with the sharper edges of the wire.

The flat side of Squire™ is .25 mm, and the diagonal measurement is approximately .35 mm.

Product Features

  • Squire’s square shape has better cutting ability than traditional round or braided wire.
  • As pressure increases, the wire twists and begins cutting with the sharper V-corner of the wire.
  • Made of high tensile strength stainless steel.

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