Equalizer Sheaths

SKU: PWR5165/PWR5166/PWR5167

Equalizer Sheaths Feature

  • Fits over Equalizer blade and guards against damage to the dash and trim
  • Adds support to blades
  • Choose sheath length to match length of Equalizer Standard and Equalizer Serrated Blade
  • For Express Blades, use Equalizer Express Sheath PWR5014 | ES1406
  • Does not fit Express HydroBlades
  • Made in USA
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Equalizer Sheaths are a unique idea that makes the Equalizer line of tools work. The sheath is a protective sleeve that surrounds the blade, so the blade will not damage the dash or garnish moldings. These three sheaths will fit any of the Equalizer line of tools except the tools that utilize HydroBlade™ technology.  Invented by: Ray Asbery.

Equalizer Part Nos: EES804/EES808/EES812


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