Equalizer Micro Clip Tool

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Equalizer Micro Clip Tool MCT829 is designed to allow access in tighter spaces to release vehicle moldings from the new smaller clips. The Micro Clip Tool gives the technician the ability to gently push or pull on the small release points of the clip, easily saving the clip and moulding for reuse. Made in the USA.
Works on the following vehicles:
  • Honda Odyssey 2011-Up.
  • Toyota Lexus (2012-Up) CT200 A-Pillar Mouldings.
  • Toyota Highlander (2011-Up).
  • BMW Side Moulding Clip (2000-Up) 3-5-7 Series.

NAGS Numbers: BMW-FW 2092, FW 2101 Honda-FW 3282, FW 3283, FW 3284 & FW 3270 Lexus- FW 3399, FW 3400, FW 3401, FW 3402, FW 3522, FW 3529 & FW3536 Toyota Highlander- FW 2869 & FW 2870


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