Equalizer Footloose Gasket Tool

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Equalizer Footloose Gasket Tool:

  • Helps remove windshields and back glasses with large, rubber gaskets.
  • Gives extra reach to release the gasket with one hand while pushing the glass with the other.
  • To use Footloose, hook the tip over the pinchweld, push gently outward, and release the rubber gasket.
  • Footloose puts the necessary pressure on the glass so you can release the gasket.
  • Equalizer Part No. BDA251
  • Made in the USA.




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The Equalizer Footloose Gasket Tool helps you get the leverage and reach to remove auto glass from rubber gaskets. Many vehicles have large, rubber-set windshields\ and the common method to remove them is to put your feet against the glass and push while releasing the rubber gasket with a hook tool. The problem with this is the distance can be so great that you cannot push out and use a hook tool to release the gasket at the same time.

Rubber-set back glasses can be even more annoying than windshields because there is no easy way to get the leverage to push them out. Footloose™ puts the necessary pressure on the back glass so you can release the gasket.

To use Footloose:

  • Hook the tip over the pinch weld, push gently outward and release the rubber gasket.


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