3″ Suction Cup

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Restore the performance of your AEGIS equipment with the Woods Power-Grip® replacement suction cup pad!

If your QuickSilver Repair Fixture no longer holds suction, you may need a new suction cup. These cups are built to last, but consider keeping a spare on hand.

If your suction cup is cut, nicked, or the rubber has become glossy and stiff, then the pad will need to be replaced. Simply discard the old pad, keep the screws, and install this replacement cup to restore the full function of your product.

With this replacement cup, you can restore your product’s full function and continue using it with peace of mind.


  • Keep the cup surface clean. Wash and rinse with plain water and soap.
  • Ensure that the felt filter is in place when using the cup. Operating it without the filter may damage the plunger and void the warranty.
  • Store your pads in a cool and dry place away from exposure to sunlight to extend their lifespan.

90111 Replacement Vacuum Plunger

90501 Felt Filter

LIQ5124 Plunger Lubricant



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