Glycerin No Longer Recommended, But Still Available

LIQ2000 AEGIS GlycerinAt Wood’s Powr-Grip®, we recognize that AEGIS® has been selling glycerin for many years in the auto glass industry. As an OEM for AEGIS equipment, however, we have a safety concern about glycerin use with load-bearing vacuum cups.

Our extensive testing has shown that glycerin leaves a coating that compromises the slip resistance and carrying capacity of vacuum cups in AEGIS GlassHandlers® and Solo® Neo™ windshield tools.

Glass handling safety was the original inspiration for Powr-Grip’s world-renowned vacuum cups and will continue to be our highest priority for AEGIS products. As a result, we are making the following changes:

  • A warning against using rubber conditioners will accompany all load-bearing products.
  • To avoid confusion, glycerin will no longer accompany any AEGIS kits.
  • However, glycerin will still be available in the AEGIS product line.

We hope these decisions will cause the least amount of disturbance to customers’ work habits, while also safeguarding AEGIS’ and WPG’s reputation for having the highest safety standards in the industry. If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Sales Representatives.