• FIX2025 Replacement Vacuum Pump for 6" Suction Cup

Replacement Vacuum Pump for 6" Suction Cup


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Replacement vacuum pump for AEGIS GlassHandlers, SOLO Neo and Pro-Series Repair Fixtures.

If your 6" vacuum cup is not holding suction, the plunger may need lubrication or need to be replaced.  The red line should disappear and not move if the cup is holding properly.

Sometimes, when cups have not been used for a while, the seal at the bottom of the plunger (moving part with the red line) may need lubrication.  Pull the plunger out and apply a very small amount of lubricant (small tube included with your kit) to the black seal only.  Take care to keep lubricant off the gray plastic parts.  Replace the plunger and pump several times to distribute the lubricant.  Wait 24 hours for the seal to restore and check again. USE ONLY THE SUPPLIED LUBRICANT OR LIQ5124 PLUNGER LUBRICANT ON THE PLUNGER SEAL.  OTHER LUBRICANTS MAY CONTAIN SUBSTANCES THAT CAN REACT WITH PLASTIC, WILL DAMAGE THE PLUNGER AND VOID THE WARRANTY.

Also check the edge of the cup for any nicks or tears, which can also cause loss of suction.  The cup surface should be clean and the felt filter in place.  Using the cup without the felt filter could damage the plunger and will void the warranty.

Glycerin should be used periodically to condition the suction cups and keep them pliable.  Use a small amount on your finger and spread the glycerin on the surface of the cup.  Wipe off any excess.  Glycerin SHOULD NOT be used as an "aid" to achieving suction.  This practice could cause the cups to slide on the glass and will leave a residue on the glass that is difficult to clean. 

FIX5019 6" Suction Cup

HDW5634 Felt Filter

LIQ5124 Plunger Lubricant