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The PipeKnife® sealant cutout tools were invented by autoglass technicians to cut the urethane used to seal the windshield to the frame of the car. The design was specifically created to reach between the dash and windshield and provide extra reach and power to make the cut. The long-handled utility knife design also has room for extra blade storage in the barrel end of the knife.

The PipeKnife® was the original cutout tool, or long knife, commercialized for the AGR industry. It was invented and patented in 1987 and has proven to be the most popular sealant cutout tool in the autoglass replacement industry.

The PipeKnife® sealant cutout tools are also used extensively by caulking, waterproofing and concrete contractors to cut and remove sealant and caulk during flat glass window installs, concrete tilt-up joint and crack maintenance, and during building restoration work.

Other uses for the long handled PipeKnife® utility tool include:

  • Masonry work
  • Insulation cutting and installing (keeps hands clear of insulation)
  • EIFS applications
  • Log home chinking maintenance
  • Cactus and succulent trimming (Agaves)
  • Farm and ranch cleaning (feeder beaters)
  • Carpet installation
  • Roofing
  • Many other typical utility knife uses

Look for PAT NO 300600 or PIPEKNIFE® on your tool to verify authenticity!!

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TLS1234 14" Original PipeKnife

PipeKnife Original Long Knife OPK/PKXL


TLS2599 Extended Long Knife Blades

PipeKnife® Heavy Duty Angled Long Knife Blades RKB471/ RKB472


TLS1238 PipeKnife QC

PipeKnife QC Quick Change Knife



PipeKnife Presto Long Knife PKP14/PKP18


TLS1271 PipeKnife XL Utility Blade

PipeKnife X-Long Utility Blades 10pk


TLS1270 PipeKnife T-Slot Blade

PipeKnife T-Slot Utility Blades 10pk


TLS1236 PipeKnife Serrated Utility Blades

PipeKnife Serrated Utility Blades 10pk


TLS1237 PipeKnife Replacement Cover & Screw

PipeKnife Replacement Cover Plate & Screw RSNS