Equalizer® PryBaby™ GBM446


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  • 5 specially shaped sticks for prying, smoothing, spreading and removing.
  • Made of a tough, flexible, polycarbonate material that makes it almost impossible to break. 
  • Tool number 1, the widest PryBaby™, is great for removing snap-off mouldings and cowlings.
  • Tool number 2 is shaped like an installation stick on one end, but the other end can be used to remove door panel clips.
  • Tool number 3 can be used to remove door panels, one end has an 85° angle and the other end has a 30° angle.
  • Tool number 4 has a 45° angle on one end and a 90° angle on the other end — useful for prying small items.
  • Tool number 5 has a 110° bend that is good for removing door panels. It has a large oval at one end, so you can press the tool against the door jam without wrapping your hand around it, which is important because of the limited space in that area.
  • Clamshell package for storage.
  • Made in Taiwan.