Equalizer® HeatWave™ 120-Volt Heat Gun HGS353


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Perfect for reshaping mouldings, drying pinchwelds, or warming glass and pinchwelds. This compact, lightweight, easy to use heat gun is perfect for dozens of shop uses. With temperature settings of 570° F and 1050° F and an airflow of 15 CFM at 3650 FPM, the HeatWave™ will handle a wide range of heating requirements where high and low heat is required. The HeatWave™ features an ergonomically designed Lexan® housing that is lightweight. It has an oil resistant, grounded neoprene 3-wire cord set. It has a built-in hand and switch guard with a double protected element housing and a wrap-around air intake. The air intake allows the gun to draw in air while in the upright position. HeatWave™ has a hanging loop for easy storage, and a built-in stand. Made in USA.