• TLS1251 UltraWiz 51C1-M
  • TLS1252 UltraWiz 51C2-M
  • TLS1254 UltraWiz 51C3-M
  • TLS1253 1-1/2" UltraWiz 51C4-M

UltraWiz® PAINT PROTECTION Cold Knife Blades 10pk




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UltraWiz® "The Tools Pro's Use". "The blades that permanently changed the industry."  Windshield removal tools selected by the majority of technicians in the industry today. - A.N. Designs, Inc., manufacturer of UltraWiz® Tools.

  • Designed to prevent paint damage on exposed edge glass and open pinchwelds.
  • Special resilient, durable nylon coating on the back of the blade where it is needed.
  • UltraThin blade is stronger and 40% thinner than Original UltraWiz® blades.
  • Available in 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" lengths.
  • Use 3/4" Standard Blade to precut urethane and for narrow urethane beads.
  • Use 1" Long Blade for cutting the majority of urethane beads - the most popular cut length.
  • Use 1-1/4" Extended Blade and 1-1/2" XL Blade for cutting wide urethane beads; works best when precut with a shorter blade.
  • Check coating often and replace blade when it wears thin.
  • 10 blades per tube/box.
  • Made in the USA.


  • TLS1251:51C1-M  3/4" Standard Blade
  • TLS1252:51C2-M  1" Long Blade
  • TLS1254:51C3-M  1-1/4" Extended Blade
  • TLS1253:51C4-M  1-1/2" XL Blade