• KIT1001 Standard Kit with Tri-Power UV Lamp

AEGIS® STANDARD Windshield Repair Kit




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  • Based on our original repair system from the 1983--many still in use today!
  • Works in 30 minutes using our highest quality, gauged vacuum/pressure pump
  • Heavy duty fixture stays firmly on the glass.
  • Durable, professional equipment.
  • The Standard Kit Includes:
  • Lever-style, gauged, vacuum/pressure pump.  Operates with one hand.
  • Pro-series repair fixture
  • Small chamber (3/16"/.5cm)
  • Large chamber (3/8"/1cm)
  • Tri-power 4W UV lamp with suction cups
  • Inspection mirror
  • Fixture and hose cleaning brushes
  • Glycerin (for conditioning suction cups)
  • Penlight
  • 4 Bags of Single Shot Resins of Your Choice (25+ Repairs/Bag)
  • Connector hose
  • Supply box with Mylar squares (100), razor blades (6), small quad rings 3/16”/.5 cm (3), large quad rings 3/8’/1 cm (3)
  • Pit polish
  • Cordless drill with charger and carbide burs
  • Highest quality, professional, foam-lined case
  • Instruction DVD and manual
  • Made in the USA.
  • One year warranty.  Lifetime warranty on repair fixture leg and yoke.