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Equalizer JetPack™ Single

SKU: PWR2045

Equalizer Part No. JP135



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Equalizer JetPack – say goodbye to pumping!

Equalizer JetPack vacuum cups were designed from the ground-up to eliminate the need for manual pumping. Turn on the JetPack, place on the glass and let it handle the pumping. If the cup loses vacuum, AIR FORCE™ vacuum technology takes over and keeps that crucial suction going until the cup has maximum vacuum again. Each cup has a 7″ diameter pad with a maximum safe working load of 100lbs/45kg.   JetPacks will fully charge in about two hours and comes with a 120-volt charger.

Equalizer JetPacks Single JP135 Feature: 

  • AIR FORCE™ vacuum technology creates and maintains the vacuum
  • 7″ diameter cup with max safe working load of 100 lbs/45kg
  • 2 hour charge time
  • 120-volt charger included

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